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FUNDERS The Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) would not have been possible without the generous support of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. ATNI was developed by GAIN’s Innovative Finance Program. Led by Chris Walker, the ATNI development team consisted of Michael Park and Valerie Pillonel, along with external consultants Craig Courtney, Rachel Crossley, and Graham Sinclair. The team also drafted this report on the Global Index. Additional advice was provided by Dominic Schofield. As noted in the report, the ATNI development team drew on the expertise and advice of two multi-stakeholder advisory groups, the Independent Advisory Panel and the Expert Group. Their close engagement throughout the ATNI development process was a source of invaluable guidance, and this report benefited in innumerable ways from their input and advice. The views expressed in this report, however, do not necessarily reflect the views of these two groups’ members or of their institutions.


MSCI ESG Research is responsible for the scoring and ranking of company performance for the Access to Nutrition Index. MSCI ESG Research contributed to the development of the methodology, report and company scorecards for the Index, and engaged with food and beverage companies as part of the data collection and analysis process. The MSCI ESG Research team was managed by Veronique Menou, and nutrition expertise was provided by Lynn Stockley, an independent consultant to MSCI ESG Research. A steering committee composed of Afshin Mehrpouya, Assistant Professor, HEC Paris and Michelle Lapolla Friedman, Emily Effgen Lawrence, and Perrine Dutronc of MSCI ESG Research also provided essential guidance throughout the company research and analysis process.


March 2013

I am pleased to introduce the first edition of the Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI), a new initiative that aims to stimulate substantial improvement in consumers’ access to good nutrition worldwide. We are launching this initiative at a critical moment when both obesity and undernutrition are among the world’s most pressing public health concerns. Rapidly rising rates of obesity and related chronic and non-communicable diseases have reached the levels of a global epidemic, according to the World Health Organization. At the same time, undernutrition remains one of the world’s most serious health problems and is a major risk factor for diseases that have an impact on the poorest people in the world. These public health challenges affect billions of people, and efforts to address them are vital to ensure that people around the world can live healthy and productive lives. ATNI is founded on the premise that food and beverage manufacturers have a central role to play in addressing these challenges. In fact, given their enormous and growing global reach, companies must be at the forefront of solutions to improve access to better nutrition. Some companies have already begun to recognize the nutrition-related risks and opportunities for their businesses and are integrating nutrition into their core strategies. This report summarizes findings from the inaugural ATNI Global Index, which rates 25 of the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturers on their nutrition-related commitments, performance and disclosure globally. ATNI is not intended to name and shame companies, but instead to highlight strong practices and to provide a means for companies to benchmark their approach to nutrition against their peers and identify areas for improvement. The Index also aims to serve as an independent source of information for stakeholders interested in engaging with the food and beverage industry on nutrition issues. We intend to publish the ATNI Global Index every two years in order to track and encourage...
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