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Kate McGrath
Student ID 11479964 Emt446 Assessment, Reporting and Resource Development
Kate McGrath
Student ID 11479964 Emt446 Assessment, Reporting and Resource Development 08

Indicative Time Allocation

The HSC course is 120 hours (indicative time). The following table shows the appropriate amount of time you should spend on each unit of work.

HSC modules| Approx. number of weeks| Hours |
The Australian Food Industry| 8 weeks| 25|
Food Manufacture| 12 weeks| 40|
Food Product Development| 12 weeks| 40|
Contemporary Food Issues: Nutrition| 8 weeks| 25|
TOTAL | 40 weeks| 130 hours|

School Based Assessment Schedule
HSC Course

No.| TaskName/Description| Assessment Component| Value| Approx. Timing| 1.| Australian Food Industry Case Study| Knowledge & understanding.Research, analysis and communication| 20%| Term 4, 2012Week 10| 2.| Food manufacture| Research, analysis and communication Experimentation and preparation| 25%| Term 1, 2013Week 10| 3.| Food Product Development| Experimentation and preparation Design, Implementation and Evaluation| 35%| Term 2, 2013Week 10| 4.| Trial HSC Exam| Knowledge & understanding Research, analysis and communication| 20%| Term 3, 2013Week __|

Food Technology HSC Course
Assessment Schedule

Task| Date| Knowledge & Understanding| Research, Analysis & Communication| Experimentation & Preparation| Design, Implementation| Total| Australian Food Industry1.2,1.4 3.1| Term 4Week 102012| 10| 10| | | 20| PreservationExperiments1.1, 4.2| Term 1Week 102013| | 10| 15| | 25| Food ProductDevelopment1.1, 4.1, 3.2, 5.1| Term 2Week 102013| | | 15| 20| 35| Trial HSC Exam1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.1 3.1 4.2| Term 3Week ?2013| 10| 10| | | 20| Total| | 20| 30| 30| 20| 100|

Term Four| Term One| Term Two| Term Three|
Assessment One – Case study| Assessment Two - Report| Assessment Three – Design & Development| Assessment Four – Trial exam|
Australian food industry ‘Behind the scenes’ Students investigate an organisation within the Australian food industry. Students gain insight into factors including: the level of operation, Research and development, quality assurance, consumer influences along with investigating the external impacts ie society and environment.Due week 10 Weight 20%| Food manufacture ‘ Developing the undeveloped’Students are to research an Australian Food product and analyse the chosen product from ‘Farm to fork’. This includes the process of transforming the raw materials into a new product. The level of manufacturing and of the organisation will influence the amount of information gathered and the processes used. The assignment should include: manufacturing diagram, HACCP, Q&A, QU, principles of preservation along with external impact. Due week 10

Weight 25%| Product Design ‘The never ending design’Students are design, develop, create and produce a food item which caters for high school students. This item must be relevant to their recommended daily intake and the requirement that it helights, the food item must also have appeal to this target market. The food item must be designed for consumption for breakfast, recess or lunch, and is to be consumed at school. The limitationas that this places must be explored and addressed along with a list of product criteria.Due week 10 Weight 35%| Trial ExamStudents will be examined on the content taught over the past three terms, including the Australian food industry, Food manufacture, product design and development along with nutrition.

Weight 20%|
Outcomes assessed H 1.2 H 3.1 H 1.4| Outcomes assessed H 1.1. H 1.4 | Outcomes assessed H 1.1 H 4.1 H 3.2 H 5.1 | Outcomes assessed H 1.1 H1.2 H1.3 H1.4 H2.3 H3.1 H4.2 | Progression of learning|

Food Technology – Year...
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