Gender in Car Advertising

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 8, 2008
Gender in car Advertising

Both articles are based on the car Nissan Micra. One of the reviews is from whatcar and the other from evecar review. The evecar review is for the female audience and the whatcar review for the male audience. The Nissan Micra is mainly aimed for the female market more than the male. This essay will focus on the gender, language and the difference between the two website reviews.

The Evecar review is mainly aimed at women. The editors have included less information than the male review. Is it the women do not really care about the big words and the mechanical aspect of the car? Its all about the looks for the ladies. The quote, "Windows are huge, so you can see for miles, and the controls are all very simple". The review is split onto three paragraphs which include more information about how it looks and simplicity than how much bhp the car has which the male gender would probably prefer. The language of the Evecar review is much simpler than the Whatcar review. For instance the phase "you can steer it using your fingertips and it squeezes into the tiniest of parking spaces". This is for the women as the quote suggests that the steering wheel is very light because it is assumed that women are week and soft compare to men. It would be more comftable and easier for the women to own and drive. The car is more for a practical use its looks and its convenience. The use the Micra for leisure use and as entertainment and to have than going to tracks like the men.

In contrast, The Whatcar review which is aimed at the male gender is much different compare to the Evecar review. The Whatcar review is mainly aimed at the male gender because the review has more information about the technical and mechanical aspects of the car. The review is much more complicated with more mechanical information for the male audience. This review is split into three sections about the car: "on the road", "Ownership" and "In the cabin". Each of them is...
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