The Case Study G20 Maketing Decision

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  • Published : February 27, 2010
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The case study G20 – Marketing Decision Making


1. Refer from perceptual map, SAAB, BMW and Honda are direct competitors of Infinity G20 because their positions are close to G20 in the perceptual map. The position of G20, SAAB, BMW and Honda is in Segment 3. 2. SAAB, BMW, HONDA are the direct competitor of the Infiniti G20. Infiniti G20 has lowest perception. 3. It is creditable claim to promote G20 as Japanese car with German feel. From the preference of the respondents it’s concerned more about Attractive, successful. 3. S1 – The most important attribute is Hi Prestige because this segment Predominant employment is professionals thus this group of people need hi class brand or high prestige. S2 - The most important attribute is Roomy because the percentage of Married is 75% and persons per household is 3.8 so they need Roomy attribute S3 - The most important attribute is Attractive because this segment represents the American dreamers which concerned about how attractive they are.

- The segment that should be market of G20 is S1 and S3. - To reposition the G20 we should concerned about successful and attractive that make more market share. - Using Advertisement and professional suggestion to increase Attractive and Successful 4. Set the research problem direct to the Attractive Variable and Successful Variable

Assignment 2

1. Base on the perceptual map, there are main competitors in segment 3 such as, BMW, Honda, SAAB The people in this market perceive the Infiniti G 20 is like the brand for attractiveness and successful when compare with its competitors. However BMW is likely to be more attractive more than Infiniti G 20. 2. No, because based on the perceptual map and Exhibit 1 the most of the respondents perceive that BMW is high prestige more than G20 so the company cannot claim that G20 like BMW. 3. For segment 1, the most importance attribute is High Prestige. For segment 2, the...
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