Gardenia Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Bread, Brand management Pages: 39 (7109 words) Published: October 18, 2010

Executive Summary 5

Company Introduction 5

Gardenia’s Mission Statement 6

Marketing Objectives 6

Qualitative Objectives 6

Quantitative Objectives 6

Market Overview 7

Market Structure 7

Market Potential 7

Market Size 9

Marco Environment 10

Demographic 10

Economics 10

Socio-cultural 11

Micro Environment 11

Marketing Intermediates 11

Media 11

Competitors 12

FairPrice 12

SunShine 13

Internal SWOT Analysis 14

Gardenia 14

Strengths 15

Weaknesses 15



From Threats to Opportunities16




Market Segmentation19

Selecting Target Group20

Trends in Targeted Group20


Benefits sought20

Usage Rate 20

Potential Market20

Market Positioning21

Perceptual Mapping21

Target market Strategies 21



Discount and Allowance Pricing22

Boutique Pricing23


Effective Communication23

Identifying target audience and objectives 23

Consumer Promotional Mix24




Public Relation 25

Direct Marketing 25


Budget Plan 26

Action Plan28


Sales promotion30

Public Relations31

Evaluation and Control31




Survey Template34

Collated Statistics36

Executive Summary

Gardenia started out as a small in-store bakery at Bukit Timah Plaza, which grew into a large commercial bakery offering different kinds of bakery to consumers at affordable prices. They currently hold the biggest market share in Singapore and has successfully broke into Malaysia, Philippines, India and China.

We have chosen to design a marketing plan for Gardenia’s Wholemeal bread. Our goal is to make wholemeal bread the first choice for consumers when they prepare their breakfast, on a diet and when looking for a convenient source to satisfy hunger. Once they have made wholemeal bread their choice it will become a need for them. Our next step will then be to make them choose our brand and give them a reason to be loyal.

Currently in the market all the wholemeal bread are the same, we have decided to differentiate our product by added nutrients that will fight ageing when consumed daily. Statistics have shown that Singapore’s population is ageing thus people are favoring products that promote beauty hence our plan is to take advantage of this trend.

Our Primary target market are young adults to adults with families as they hold the most purchasing power and are growingly concern about their health. We want them to cultivate a habitual buying behavior for our product so they will go to a store and reach for our product unconsciously.

Over a twelve-month period, we will open our first flagship stall and hold different kinds of promotion to create awareness and build product familiarity for our improved wholemeal bread. Through the various promotions and events held we aim to increase our sales revenue to SG$120 million in the first year and 10% the subsequent years.

Company Introduction

Gardenia has remained as the market leader in the bakery industry in Singapore and it has 33 varieties of freshly baked breads and buns currently. It has moved to a position of brand...
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