Business Plan on Indoor Sports Complex

Topics: Asset, Balance sheet, Liability Pages: 19 (5595 words) Published: March 30, 2013
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TabTable of Contents
1.1 Business Model7
1.1.1 Company Overview7
1.1.3 Objectives8
1.1.4 Mission8
1.1.5 Vision8
What is Futsal?8
1.1.6 Facilities9
1.1.7 SERVICES10
1.1.8 Pitch10
1.1.9 Sports Store10
1.1.10 Food Court10
1.2.1 Concept:11
1.2.2 Location11
1.2.3 Management12
Company Ownership12
1.2.4 Personnel12
2 The marketing Plan13
2.1 Market Analysis Summary13
2.2 Market Segmentation14
Consumer Profile15
2.3 Competition16
2.3.1 Competitive Edge16
2.4 Sales Strategy17
2.5 Pricing18
2.6 Sales Strategy18
2.7 Sales Forecast18
2.8 Advertising Strategies19
Advertising and promotion:19
2.9 Timeline20
3 Financials20
3.1 Financing20
Start-up Funding21
3.2 Startup Cost23
Start-up Requirements23
Pro Forma Cash Flow23
4 Conclusions25
5 Bibliographies25
5.1 Experiences25


March 29, 2013 
Taufique Hossain (TmT)
Lecturer, School of Business 
North South University
Subject: Submission of Group Report.
Dear Sir,
It is a great pleasure for us to submit this group report on “Indoor Futsal”. We, Group SHOWTIME worked as a team to prepare the report as you instructed in the class. We are pleased to inform you that we have thoroughly enjoyed working through this group report. It has enabled us to gain valuable knowledge and experience that would help us in our career development.

Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to convey our deep regard for your valuable guidance and sincere inspiration. We hope you will enjoy reading this paper. In presenting this report, we have tried our level best to include all the relevant ideas and the explanations to make the report informative and comprehensive. If you have any query regarding the interpretation of this project feel free to contact us. Thank you for believing in us and giving us this wonderful opportunity. Yours Sincerely,

Name – ID - Contact Number

Our first acknowledge goes to the almighty Allah for giving us the patience and courage to finish this task within its deadline. Then, we cordially thank our respected course instructor, Mr. Taufique Hossain for his continuous guidance and support to make this report possible. He assisted us whenever we needed any help. His generosity and liberality aid us to go further with this report without any hazardous situation. We are deeply indebted to the people who helped us in coming up with this authentic report by taking part in the survey. It was crucial in the preparation of this report. We would like to thank each individual group member. Last but not the least we are very thankful to our family. Without their help this report would not be done so successfully, specially our mothers. We thank them all for their love and trust.

Executive Summary
This would be an ideal opportunity to paraphrase that philosophy about life and death, and explain why taken in context, rather than flippantly flung down beside a crime of humanity or a human tragedy, that there is both truth and beauty in what

Football is more than just a game. It is more important than life and death, because it’s purely about life, which is eminently more important than death. But that is to disrobe the sentiment of its context, to be irresponsible with the words. Football is about what you are and how you meet the world, and nothing at all to do with the futility of wasting time considering death. Football is about doing all that you can, irrespective of what happens beyond your control. In this city, scarcely do we get the chance to exercise our passion, and even more...
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