Functional Behavioral Assessment

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Functional Behavioral Assessment
Ryan Williamson
ECE 201
Maya Raimondi
January 7, 2013

When it comes to adolescent children they endure several risk factors within their lives. Some of these factors often produce many glitches that have teachers speculating if there are ways they can help deal with behavioral problems that children have. Risk factors may be invisible and families may not recognize them (Kaiser & Sklar Rasminsky, 2012). Within this paper, there are three risk factors that will be recognize and portray that can influence a child’s behavior, deliberate the purpose of behavior management in childhood education setting, including the important of thinking proactively, and give three strategies teachers may use to determine challenging behaviors. Thereafter, I will design a support plan for each of the challenging behaviors. Additionally, I will include possible function of the behavior, specific positive behavior supports, and replacement behaviors. Throughout pregnancy substance abuse is a first factor for discussion that can be the root of challenging behavior in a child. Consequently, an expecting mother who uses drugs puts the child at risk for neurological problems that may affect the brain; and other body parts. However, you can put together a strategy to help deal with the difficulties that have generate these behavioral problem. A plan that can be used to help the child would be together a behavioral intervention plan (BIP) to help put together assessment to use to develop ways to address the problems (Kaiser, B& S. Rasminsky). The purpose of the BIP is to bring out the behavior the child has and help to target it; and find ways on how to change or handle the behavior problems. Nevertheless, offering a positive behavioral support team will make the plan go efficiently. In addition, the firsts strategies that a teacher can use to spot the problem and plan to help the dilemma, will be to make sure that you address each of the...
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