Functional Health Pattern Assessment

Topics: Borderline personality disorder, Magic: The Gathering sets, Personality disorder Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: November 18, 2011
Brian’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment
By Teresa Harris
June 30, 2011

Brian is a healthy 16 year-old teenager, both physically and emotionally. He has no past or current disease processes and requires no daily medication. He has no allergies. He has normal bowel and bladder function. There are no sensory deficits. When Brian was six years-old, he suffered a fractured left femur while climbing a tree. He injured his left ankle at age 13; no fracture was noted on x-ray. At age 14, Brian fractured his clavicle while riding his dirt bike. Brian is a very well-nourished, which is necessary in order to meet the increased metabolic demands, rapid physical growth and hormonal changes during adolesence. (Jarvis, pg 194). He meets the USDA requirements for nutrition according to the Food Guide Pyramid (Jarvis, pg 199), and balances his food intake with activity such as scootering every chance he has. Brian has become an expert at this sport, which has increased his self-esteem (Potter & Perry, pg 412). When he is not scootering with his group of friends he enjoys playing X-Box 360. This has also become a social activity that lasts well into the hours of the night when there is no school the next day. According to the house rule, all electronic devices must be turned off by 10:00pm on school nights. Although Brian awakens without any difficulty (Jarvis, pg 93), he often says he feels tired at the end of a long day at school. Brian’s mother has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and his father is an alcoholic. He has been made very aware of the genetic component to addiction (Potter & Perry, pg 77). He does not hesitate to come to me, his Aunt, when he needs to talk about something. Tom, his brother, is his best friend. Brian had feelings of depression the first few weeks after Tom went in the Army (Wong, pg 563). His youth group involvement combined with his stable home life and close friends have...
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