Friend Essay

Topics: Friendship, Airsoft, High school Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Jared Vance
Ms. Hasse

Friends have come and gone, but one of the few that has stayed my friend is Clark Blatter. He is my brother in all but blood. That’s how close of a friendship we have. Clark and I like to play volleyball, we stick together in just about everything we do, and he and I share some exciting experiences together.

Clark is a sophomore at Clayton Valley High School. Clark plays a variety of sports including volleyball and water polo. He is about 6’ and can touch the basketball rim. I hang out with Clark a lot because we live a block away from each other. Clark is an awesome person to be around. We love to play the sport of volleyball. Although I don’t have the height or the jumps, I still have a pretty nice serve and am pretty quick. When we play doubles (two against two) in volleyball, we combine both of our skills to make a pretty good doubles team. Volleyball is probably our favorite sport.

Like I said before about being a pretty good doubles team, he and I pair up a lot. Clark is also a helpful person. He has helped me loads of times in math homework. Helping is one of his great qualities. Clark is a good example. He doesn’t swear and uses good language. We get to see each other quite a bit outside of school and sports because we attend the same church. We both like to play airsoft guns with some other friends.

One experience we’ve had is an airsoft war. At an overnight airsoft war, Clark and I were on opposite teams. My team had a plan to attack the opposing team from behind while using a diversion to attract the attention of the opposing team at the front. Clark was supposed to be keeping watch but he fell asleep. We didn’t realize he was there because he was so silent, so we passed him on our way to divert the enemy. Our sounds of shooting woke him up and he started shooting us from behind. We were trapped and the people that were supposed to be going around didn’t know what was happening....
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