Coach Interview Project

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Coach Interview Project
There are many great coaches in this world but one of the best that I have ever met would be my colleague from work. His name is Jordan Vela and he coaches a volleyball team of guys and girls also from my work, Outback Steakhouse in Springhurst. When we think of volleyball we think that it is a woman’s sport and that it is the easiest sport to play. It actually is harder than it seems according to him. At first I didn’t believe him but then he showed me some photos and videos and I saw how hard it really is.

Jordan Vela is a 23 year old waiter that was born in Southern Louisiana. He prefers to play basketball at the local LAC gym with his friends but he always coaches a team that plays in some adult league that has games all over the East End of Louisville, Kentucky. He has most of his games at the waterfront by the Tumbleweed restaurant and plaza. He also plays at Tom Sawyer Park and at Turner’s on River Road. His team, according to him, is the best in the league. Before I even got to know him I heard him talking about last year’s playoffs where they won in the third game by a four point margin. You can see that they take this league pretty seriously. They request off work when the games roll around and they try to practice two to three times every week. The league starts in June and ends in early August. I plan on watching them play this upcoming season and as now I have become friends with several of the players who also are my co-workers at work. The age group that Jordan coaches ranges from 19 to 39. They are all fairly young which makes it easy for Jordan to coach and command on the volleyball quart. They mostly play on the sand but they also play on the grass as some of the games are played on the waterfront.

I asked him what it takes to be a successful coach. He told me that, at least for volleyball, practice makes perfect. However, I think this is the case for every sport so I asked him what else besides...
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