Freak the Mighty

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Freak the Mighty
Have you ever seen one very tall person and a very small person become really great friends and end up doing everything together? In the book Freak the Mighty, it shows how two very different people can become best friends like regular people. The best theme for this book is, “Without the help of others, we cannot rise above our limitations.”

Without friends there helping you, you will not get to where you want to be faster. For example, when Max saw Kevin’s ornithopter stuck in a tree he goes and helps Kevin and he helped himself at a start of a new friendship. This shows that friends can be made with one little action. It tells that Max is trying to be nice and help Kevin out by getting his ornithopter out of the tree. In addition, Max can get smarter with the help of Kevin, and Kevin can stop getting bullied at school, because together they are “Freak the Mighty.” Kevin is showing how he can be a good friend to Max by helping him get better grades. Max is also showing how he can be a good friend because he is helping Kevin around the school and he is listening to what Kevin has to say.

Small or big, any person can be friends with someone different and they can help each other get through a lot of things. For example, when Kevin choked on chop suey, Max was there to help him, Max yelled out “Help! Help! Someone call an ambulance!!” Max’s actions shows that he really cares about Kevin and his health. Kevin needs the help and Max was there to help him. In addition, Kevin asked for Max to be put in the same classes so Kevin can help Max out with homework and other class work. This shows that Kevin cares about Max’s grades and how his performance is in school. Max really likes Kevin as his friend because Max is not in L.D. classes anymore and Kevin helped him get good grades. Max and Kevin is the best pair for each other, even though they are different, but that’s how friends are made.

Finally, Kevin and...
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