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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and appreciate the importance of team works in achieving desired and shared goals applying the basic principles of management that are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Collection of information

The group task was to build the highest flag pole using pipes and raise the Jalur Gemilang. My role in the management game was as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), my responsibility as a CEO was to lead, motive, make the strategies and report that strategies directly to the general managers and to assist in carrying out the responsibilities so the team can achieve the desired goal that was to build a pole for a flag in 30 minutes and holding it during 60 second. To accomplish the goal the team objective and strategies was to construct a pole for a flag in 30 minutes and holding it for 60 seconds, me as a CEO I decided to make a pole of 30 feet in 30 minutes besides that the managers managed to make two strategies in case one of the strategies will not work. The first strategy was to build a pole with pipes for the flag but doing it from the ground and with some ropes tie the pipes strongly but at the same time use those ropes to pull the pipes so that the pipes can be in straight position. To make this possible we use 7 pipes, each pipe measure 4 feet except one that measure 5 feet, 6 pipes’ connectors, 10 ropes and 10 employees to pull the ropes. The second strategy was building the pole of the flag by doing it step by step; first put the flag and continue putting the remaining pipes. During our target we had a lot of challenges to attain: 1. Build a pole for the flag and holding it during 1 minute 2. Communication barriers (dealing with people from different countries) 3. We try to beat the target by building a stand of 34 feet 4. Almost none of us knew each other, so was a bit hard for us to interconnect. At the end of our target we as a team with achieve too many things:...
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