Building a Good Business Foundation

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What Builds a Good Business Foundation
Most people know that the foundation of every good business should involve a solid business plan; however, not everyone realizes that part of that foundation should consist of a good ethics program as well. When Mountain View Management Services was created, the goal was to provide nonprofit organizations with top quality management consulting services. Due to the fact that the clientele of Mountain View Management Services consists entirely of nonprofits, and therefore the funds for those nonprofits will consist of grants or donations from a variety of sensitive and exclusive sources, Mountain View Management Services needs to ensure that its foundation is solid at all levels. In addition to having a good business plan in place, the people they employ have to be completely on board and aligned with the mission and values of Mountain View Management Services. From policies and procedures to people and products, every tool that Mountain View Management Services uses has to be of the utmost quality. “The same types of management tools that make a company run successfully also need to be used to make sure it runs legally and ethically” (Murphy, 2010). Code of Ethics and Core Values

Creating a solid ethics program involves more than just throwing together a list of policies and procedures and hoping that people will stick to them. As stated by Melinda Burrows (2005), “Ethics programs must be embraced, applied and reinforced from the top down…” Before an ethics program can be embraced, the core of that ethics program needs to be put into writing. A good initial approach to this involves creating a Code of Ethics and a statement of Core Values. A summarized version of the Code of Ethics (the “Code”) and Core Values (the “Values”) that Mountain View Management Services has drafted is summarized below.

Code of Ethics
The success of Mountain View Management Services is determined by the trust, confidence and respect we earn from our customers and employees. Mountain View Management Services is committed to earning this trust, confidence, and respect by conducting business by adhering to the highest ethical standards. The following Code of Ethics and Core Values apply to all directors, officers and employees of Mountain View Management Services. It is everybody’s responsibility to uphold the ethics and values every day in every way.

1.Work Environment
a.We support open communication without retaliation.
b.Safety comes first, then quality.
2.Business Conduct
i.Follow all laws, rules, and regulations at all times. b.Conflicts of Interest
i.Know how to identify and avoid any and all conflicts of interest. c.Non-Disclosure/Confidential Information
i.Confidential information should always be kept confidential. 3.Personal Conduct
a.Always adhere to the company Code of Conduct and Core values. b.Continuous improvement is encouraged and supported.

Core Values
…others by your actions and words.
Your inspiration can be a spark for further core values.
INTEGRITY: Adherence to personal moral and ethical values, principles, and standards at all times and in all situations. Always do the right thing. INNOVATION: Thinking outside the box, and always looking for new ideas and solutions. SAFETY: Ensuring that, above all, the safety and health of people is maintained. PASSION: Having fun and enjoying what you do.

IMPROVEMENT: Never settling for the current standard, and always looking for ways to improve. RESPECT: Respect yourself and others.
EXCELLENCE: Always strive to do your very best.

Mountain View Management Services supports an environment of constant learning and continuous evolvement. To this end, Mountain View Management Services will, on a regular basis, review and amend these guidelines as it deems necessary or appropriate.

Training and Implementation
Once the Code and the Values have...
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