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  • Published: May 13, 2013
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Code of Ethics of Company X

The success of Company X is largely determined by the ethical actions and integrity of the employees that support Company X. We are committed to providing education and dialog to promptly address ethical questions or concerns raised by an employee. Managers should encourage discussion amongst employees especially regarding ethics. Ethics dialog should become integrated into a normal work day to keep ethics fresh on everyone’s minds and allow for manager and peer coaching. Ethical dilemmas can occur at any level of business and all employees should be able to make a decision that properly reflects the values and integrity of Company X. We must strive that every action at Company X promotes credibility and builds trust both internally and externally to the company. Respect for Others

We all deserve to work in an environment that encourages employee growth and collaboration. Company X is an equal opportunity employer and is fully committed to providing a workplace that is free of discrimination or harassment of any type. The law is very clear regarding this matter and Company X will not tolerate discrimination against another person that includes, but is not limited to, race, sex, age, religious affiliation, national origin, disabilities, or any other class that is offered protection by federal, state or local laws. In addition, harassment of any nature will not be tolerated. Harassment in the work place can take many forms that can include, but is not limited to, unwanted sexual advances, derogatory statements or jokes, lewd emails, unwanted touching, and leering at someone are a few examples of actions that could be considered harassment. It is important to remember what may seem acceptable to you may make someone else feel uncomfortable. A diverse base of cultures, ethnicities, religion and values is at the foundation of America and it should be expected in the work place. You must be contentious of how your actions...
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