Dakota Deann Crockett

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Dakota Deann Crockett
BAAS 345- Fall 2012
Article Review

Building a house on rocks means we need to be more selective and more careful of which rocks we chose to build a house on. While this is just an example of how an organization needs to generate more fundamentals, it makes perfectly good sense to relate these two to each other. More and more organizations are receiving reports about wrongdoings within the organization. As a response to the increasing reports, Ann E. Tenbrunsel, Kristin Smith-Crowe, and Elizabeth E. Umphress have researched ways to decrease the amount of wrongdoing reports. These reports have created a lot of issues for the organization world: confidence in organizations has declined, crushed faith in leaders, and destabilized beliefs in society. Organizations need to start demonstrating that they can be trusted to make accurate ethical decisions and develop structures that will implement such principles. Organizations have already begun to make improvements by undertaking strategies, such as codes of conduct, mission statements, and ethical training. In order for results of making organizations more ethical, the values and effectiveness of those values needs to improve.

For the ethical effectiveness to flourish, an understanding of the organizational elements is a must. This is where ethical infrastructure comes into play. Ethical infrastructure consists of three different elements, which are formal systems, informal systems, and organizational climates. Incorporating formal systems, informal systems, and organizational climates will support ethical infrastructure and give the organization a chance to overcome the wrongdoings that have been reported. There also needs to be a positive correlation between the ethical infrastructure elements and ethical behavior. Another thing that organizations can do is to have a better understanding of how the ethical infrastructure elements intermingle and impact ethical behavior....
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