Formal and Informal in Communication

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In order for there to be good effective communication in the workplace there have to be a good balance of formal and informal communication in the business. The two have their advantage and disadvantage but I am about to discuss and make you understand why the workplace can’t function without either one of them.

What are the most commonly used information channels in your workplace? The channels that can be found in the workplace are

-having a face to face meeting
-Video conferencing people from other parts of the world.
-Writing a form for other to see it.
In my place of work the head office is in New York meeting would be by video conferencing or telephone.

2. In the work place there are basically two ways of communication, there are the formal and the informal communication.

-Formal communications are structure along the lines of authority established by management. Things like writing, rule books and official meeting. In the place of work it is very important doing things like these writing a letter for an employee to a bank, having a rule book so the employee knows what they can do and can’t do. And with an official meeting on a regular will help the organization flow well.

-Informal communication is sometimes called the gossip and might be observed occurring in conversations, electronic mails, text messages and phone calls between socializing employees. It helps to build around the social relationship of the workplace. Sending an email is one of the best ways to communicate with people it is not only easier but is cost nothing to do so, along with texting.

3. The advantages and the disadvantages of formal and informal communication are. Written- The advantage of written communication allows the sender to carefully consider the message before releasing it. But the disadvantage of this is depending on the mode of travel, it can take a while before it reach the recipient.

Phone- the advantage of...
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