Foreign Auto Shop

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Running Head: Foreign Auto Shop

Final Case Paper
jose terrs

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October 21ST, 2012


Many companies around the world have different styles of management. Some companies have “laid back managers” others have “drill sergeant managers” both types of managers are like and disliked. Management plays a very important role in any job field. The overall supervision and leadership shown by the management is what I think, constructs a business to a successful business. Every business needs a foundation. Once the foundation is settled, it’s just a step by step dedication with the owner and its leadership trend team. In this case analysis, Alan shows a mellow characteristic of a manger. But when things get serious, he has a “strong willed go getter manger characteristic”.

The owner of the foreign auto shop has a much laid back personality informed to us by the case. Alan has a very well wanted leadership phase that many employees look for in a boss. Usual leadership situations in the auto repair shop consist of making sure every employee is doing the right job the right way, but without being to “on top of them” while they perform their work talent. The owner is also head supervisor of the overall shop. He has 7 employees working for his shop in which two of them (Gil & Hans) are the easiest to supervise due to the fact that they are more experienced in all subjects of the mechanical work field. Along with his other two employees (Bart & Herbie) which are dedicated in to their specific parts of the mechanical workforce. Bart works more on motorcycles, whereas Herbie is a whiz at trouble shooting engine problems. Three other employees require closer supervision by Alan because they are less skilled oriented. By going back to the abstract you will see how a “foundation” is needed to create a wonderful and successful business. Well Alan has his overall view of what he is dedicated to, and has built a wonderful and creative team that are focused on making sure the client is always happy.

Alan’s typical leadership style is considerately appropriate for his leadership situation. Alan is described to be a less “on point” supervisor amongst his employees. He knows that they are doing their job. He always makes himself available to on the floor to his employees if they are in need of any help or have specific questions. His fairness and openness have earned him the continuing respect and trust if his employees. Sometimes always being a mellow “laid back” kind of manager is not always a good thing also because many employees can take that and use it against the management. For example, seeing the manager being easy going and not too “put forward” can sometimes escalate to the actual employee not accomplishing his work goal and just taking it easy. In this case, Alan shows his double side. “Things are not always greener on the other side of the fence”. There is certainly something very interesting regarding the cause and effect of running a laissez-faire organization, particularly corporations. Ultimately, when it comes to laid back management, it is not really a matter of whether to be lenient or not. Oftentimes, it is a matter of when to be indulgent, because there are certain circumstances that will cause either an advancement or failure. Laid back management is actually a good strategy. Needless to say, workers have to be entitled with certain rights and privileges. Lenient management is often the core of empowering the laborers. More often than not, empowering laborers proved to boost the overall prosperity of the corporation. Oftentimes this may come into explicit forms of idealistic gestures, such as enabling the worker to make any constructive suggestions regarding the company policies. Some companies find this method too lenient to a point of negligence, but there are those that abide by its format. An example of a popular tactic of promoting...
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