Food Service and Event Catering

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I have found that there are MANY problems encountered during catering services. Most often is that the customer invites more people than they contracted food for and when the food runs out, the customer gets upset. We counted plates or had a staff member count the people attending to get a sense if this was happening at any given event.

Another problem I encountered is that off-site catering deliveries sometimes run into traffic jams or other delay-causing events and the food/setup doesn't happen on time. In that case we simply apologized and offered to take 10% off the cost of the event.

Another problem I encountered on dropoff/pickup services was that not all the equipment we used was returned to us. In that instance, keeping a checklist of what was taken and then taking the same list for pickup to check off what was returned and then billing the client for missing equipment often cured this problem. Food Service & Event Catering

I. Introduction

More and more people are turning to the services of professional caterers for weddings, private dinner parties and corporate events for good reason. It takes a lot of preparation and planning to run successful event or party. With the help of a professional catering service, you can relax, enjoy the event and spend time with your guests.  Caterers generally provide food but are increasingly providing a wider array of event planning services such as decorations, equipment hire (tableware, linen, tables and chairs), staffing and event coordination. A caterer will work with you to develop an innovative menu to match your event or celebration's theme, your food tastes, and importantly, your budget. 

Significance of the Study

The researcher conduct this study to provide information for the businessmen, students as well as the government who were able to collect taxes if ever there is someone will enter to these kind of business.

Statement of the Problem

The researcher seeks primarily to determine...
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