How to Throw a Highschool Party

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  • Published : May 4, 2008
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Planning a proper party can be a fun and exciting event but without proper experience or guiding can become a complete and utter nightmare. Party planners must be leaders who able to inspire others to not only help with the parties planning but most importantly come to the party. Great party planners will easily get good reputations and prestige for throwing good parties while also getting cliental bases. If everything goes to plan then the party planner can not only get all the credit but can actually make a substantial profit just by charging a few dollars at the door.

Party planners first order of business is to have a location for the party whether this may be the planners own house or better yet someone else’s house or rented space. When approached by a client about throwing a party it important to find out the facts before jumping into the planning and that includes the: who, what, where, when and why. Who is the client are they popular or unpopular what kind of crowd do they want and are there friends going to be the right kind of people to invite. Why is the client throwing the party is it for a birthday, celebration for achievement like graduating or simply to have fun and does the client want a small or large party. When is the client wanting to throw the party is there any special events going on that may deter guests and how much time does the planner have to plan. Generally when a client approaches a planner they are unsure of what they need to do in order to throw the party and it is a good idea for the planner to relieve the client’s anxiety by letting them know how it will be taken care of. Another important question to ask is how big and extravagant (costly) does the planner want to make it because if the client is willing to go the whole nine yards then it makes the planners life that much easier otherwise the planner will have to pull some tricks out of their sleeves.

When the location for the party is set it is a good idea for...
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