Evaluation Essay on Texas Roadhouse

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Texas Roadhouse
Although Texas Roadhouse is mainly known for steak and cowboy boots, it should be known for many other reasons too. The restaurant is located just off of Wade Hampton Boulevard, making it much easier for me to choose this restaurant to eat at. I have eaten at this same Texas Roadhouse about five times within three years and this time was the worst! Texas Roadhouse is a good candidate for a restaurant if people like delicious food, a talkative waitress and a loud lunch or dinner.

First off, the food has been amazing every time I have been there. This time I ate the chicken critters (tenders) with steak fries and green beans and it was very delicious. We didn’t wait maybe ten minutes from getting our appetizer and we already had our entrée. To me that is an excellent waiting time considering it was fresh food. Also the price is very understandable considering the amount of food I got. Overall I would rate the food a ten, it was amazing and always has been.

Second, we had a very talkative and rude waitress. When we first sat down we waited almost 30 minutes just to get our drinks and appetizer put in. On top of getting our drinks late, we had to keep asking for refills. I don’t expect a waitress to keep all drinks completely filled, but when every drink at a table is completely dry, I would think they would need a refill. Paying almost $2.00 for a drink is ridiculous enough, so I try to get what my money is worth. Also on top of all of that, our waitress kept talking to the other table near us while standing at our table. I would have rather not had a waitress and have done it all myself.

Third, the whole place was extremely loud. The waitress couldn’t even hear what our orders were. I understand that a large restaurant will have a lot of people that will talk, but we weren’t even able to talk to people at our table without having to yell. We could even hear other table’s conversations near us about disgusting things. I probably will never...
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