Flow Chart

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Rich Stoker
Flow Chart
Traci Thurman-Bowman

When examining my flowchart which details the process I go through on a daily basis when it comes to getting ready for class, I noticed that the one factor that affected the process design was whether or not I would be late for class. This can be seen when it came to the selection of the type of food I would eat to whether or not I would take a car to school or not. Another factor that affected the process design within the flowchart was the general temperature outside. While it may be true that our air conditioned classroom is at times quite cold thereby making any person wearing shorts downright uncomfortable, the fact remains that this class is only one part of the my entire daily schedule. As such, I need to take into consideration other activities I may do outside of the class wherein I would be exposed to hot or cold temperatures. It is based on this that temperature is also a necessary factor in my daily routine. There are three metrics in order to measure this particular flowchart, namely: a.) adherence to schedule (

b.) proper choice of clothing
c.) appropriate choice when travelling to school
Week 1
a.) adherence to schedule
Was able to get to class on time this week by eating toast and commuting b.) Proper choice of clothing
The weather was actually slightly warm today despite the season and, as such, my choice of wearing shorts for the week was appropriate c.) Appropriate choice when travelling to school
I correctly chose to commute this week instead of taking my car thereby saving on gas as well as arriving to school on time. Week 2
a.) adherence to schedule
Was late to class nearly every day this week since I ran out of toast and had to make my own breakfast b.) proper choice of clothing
I made the mistake of continuing to wear shorts since I believed that the weather would still be slightly warm. It turned cold very quickly resulting in me getting a cold...
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