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  • Published : July 20, 2012
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decided to compose a process based on how are calls are triaged to the support desk. In which I have discovered in creating this process there are many steps that need to be taken to make sure the calls are sent to the proper support desk. At this present time, I work in the Information Technology field at Rex Hospital as a Clinician Support Specialist on the Ambulatory Service Desk. Also, creating a flow chart to properly triage our calls would assist me and my team on a process to follow, so that our customers are pleased with our services provided. A process that best describes our process would be job shop; this process incorporates different types of services with the same outcome. That is to resolve the issue with little interference to their daily workflow and fixing the issue as soon as possible. The following items affect the process design in preparation of triaging calls

1. Triangle Physicians Network helpdesk receive customer calls 2.TPN desk then triages calls to Ambulatory Service Desk
3.If the system is not working the ASD will further trouble shoot and resolve 4.If the system is working the interface team checks any interface mapping errors

The four steps have an impact on the satisfaction of our customers and their relationship with the IT team. However, there are other factors that have a part but are not as significant as these few such as:

1.If our systems are not working then our Remote host Dell will have to further trouble shoot and figure out why this happened. 2.If our remote is not working then we need to restart services as soon as possible and send back to the ASD desk to verify other options to take to resolve this issue
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