Trip to Terengganu

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Report on Trip to Terengganu under MGT 215
On 27th March 2010, 70 students who take course code MGT 215 had a trip to Terengganu. Both classes are taking this code organize this trip since two month ago. Miss Siti Farrah and Miss Farizah are the advisor for this trip. This trip actually helps the student to gain more knowledge on their syllabus in term of practically. The four elements in management which are Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling are applicable in this trip.

Students were congregation at 2.45 p.m. at Dataran Sri Bendahara for briefing while waiting the bus to arrive. The briefing given by Miss Siti Farrah to ensure that all rule and the protocol must be followed by the student. Two busses were provided by UiTM Johor for this trip. The students were divided by class equally so that the total in the bus are balance. Beside the two advisor, there are two more lecturer involves in this trip as the accompanying the student. At 3.15 p.m. the journey were begins from UiTM to Terengganu. It took about 10 hours to arrive at our homestay in Terengganu. On the journey, we stop two times. First at R&R at the middle of the highway for Asar prayer around 6.30 p.m. Then around 8.30 p.m. we stop at R&R Bukit Besi for dinner and the Maghrib with Isyak prayers. After that, we continue our journey to Terengganu with a lot of fun at the bus. We reach at Dara Inn at 12.30 a.m. All students and the lecturer were exhausted and wanted to sleep.

While waiting for the bus to arrive at Dataran Sri Bendahara.

Our class advisor, Miss Siti Farrah

Candid at Dataran Sri Bendara with classmate. Taken by Muhammad Naqib

At the bus, we enjoying our journey to Terengganu

At R&R Bukit Besi, the Boys get high

At last after 10 hours journey, tired but happy
On the next day, the students woke up early and get ready for the activities that were held in. Breakfast was provided as early as 7 a.m. by our homestay management were so delicious. Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken was open up our day to be more proactive to begin our first trip to Noor Arfa Batik. Suddenly, one of the busses broke down and cannot be start. By hook or by crook, the activities of that day must go on. Miss Siti Farrah and other lecturer had reached their mind to change the activities on that day. Instead of went to Noor Arfa Batik, we were went to Pasar Payang. The first bus was sent half of the students to the Pasar Payang and the other half stay at the Dara Inn. Luckly, at 10 a.m. the bus can be started again. As the request from the students, our advisors took us to the Shabandar’s jetty to take boat as another alternative to go to the Pasar Payang. Each of us paid RM 1.00 to take the boat. It was a new and exciting experience to us because most of the students never used boat as their transportation. It took about 6 minutes from the jetty to Pasar Payang. Pasar Payang is the biggest market at Kuala Terengganu. Pasar Payang is popular among the tourist all around the world. Pasar Payang is double storey complexes that consist of traditional foods and wet market at the ground floor. Second floor are more to cloth, batik, songket and many more. We try every each of foods and we went every each of the shop. We were shopping like crazy and some of us spent almost RM 300.00 at Pasar Payang. We can bargain the price until it reach the lowest price. In average, at least a person bought one item each. Time was running out. It almost 3 p.m. but the students and the advisors were still shopping. We went back to Dara Inn at 3.10 p.m.

Nana and Dila were the Models for Dara Inn

Having breakfast on the first at Dara Inn.. Huh! So delicious…

Frustrated!!! The bus broke down

We were allowed to rest until 8 p.m. It was so tiring after walked and shopped at Pasar Payang. Some of us took this opportunity to recharge their energy by sleeping. However, some of the boys cannot slept because of they wanted to practice for our...
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