"Locked Jaw" - Descriptive Essay

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Katherine T.
Monday/Wednesday ENC 1101 6:30pm
"Locked Jaw" - Descriptive Essay

It was a cool sunny Sunday afternoon, with the most perfect weather I ever saw in hot and damp Miami to have lunch. I thought to myself, “this day couldn’t be any better” because my boyfriend brought home my favorite lunch, the weather was flawless and we we’re enjoying a great weekend together after a long hard week of work and school! Crunchy Cordon Bleu chicken, green ceaser salad, hot tomato soup with a sprinkle of oregano and basil on top and toasted buttery garlic bread with a tall ice cold cup of sweet lemon tea. I smelled it’s delicious aroma as soon as he came through the door without even knowing what it was! We cleared off our marble picnic table in the backyard next to our red rose garden and sat down to enjoy this mouthwatering lunch. The sun was glistening against my glass and you could see the water leaking down the side of the cup. Then as we were twenty minutes into our lunch, we were interrupted by a knock at the door.

When we went to go see who it could be, it turned out to be his friend Emilio. Emilio said he came over to get a book he left, but he had a “friend” with him. As, I stuck my head out from inside our dark house through the front door to see who he had with him, I was slightly blinded by the sun that peered into my eyes quickly like a lightning strike that left me slightly blind for about fifteen seconds. I looked to the left of his friend and I saw his dog Lancelot. I made sure to keep the screen door shut because my dog smelled his sweaty and slobbery dog smell, while he was barking at an irate level at Lancelot. I wondered to myself why he would even bring his dog over knowing that he didn’t get along with my dog. So I quickly closed the heavy oak wood door before anything could go wrong and walked back to the table as my boyfriend Aldemar and Emilio chatted for a while.

I was enjoying my lunch to...
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