Gay Boys Plesure

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Something I'll probably never forget is the first time I kissed another boy. I had just come out (age 16) and me and this other boy my age had been doing a little flirting with each other. It was so funny because neither of us had ever kissed another guy.

I thought he was so cute and his lips were full and totally kissable (you know the kind).

I was at his house one day after school and we were watching something on TV, sitting on the sofa together.

There were some potato chips or pretzels on the table next to the sofa on my end, and instead of asking me to hand him the bowl (which I'm glad he didn't), he reached over me and sorta lingered there trying to get a handful.

Well, since his head was right there in my chest, what could I do but grab his head and turn it facing me and start kissing him. I kinda surprised myself for being so bold but I guess I figured he wouldn't mind since we had flirted some with each other in school.

I don't know what happened to the chips he had in his hands, but I do remember what happened to our lips. It seemed like we we're going at it for a long time but it was probably only a few minutes. Then our hands went everywhere. It was like everything was exploding all at once!

It was also the first time I ever felt another guy's hard-on or had another boy feel mine! Or at least I think that's what we felt since there was that double barrier of our underwear and jeans. We were probably just feeling up those folds you get in your jeans when you sit down.

But, wouldn't you know, his sister came in the front door about that time (we were in the room next to the front door) so she didn't see anything!

But can you imagine how totally ridiculous we probably looked when she stepped in the room to say "hi"? I mean how do you get your breathing back under control, your clothes straightened, your hair in place and hide your boner, and look totally nonchalant?

So, she just smiled and went upstairs, and we just...
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