Flooring Company Business Plan

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2.4 Preliminary Operation Plans

JD Epoxy has established a website that gives general information about products and services. The website will be developed with more detailed functions so it can offer customer services like consultation, Q&A, and reservations. Also, JD Epoxy plans to use the website for links to other social media like Facebook, Youtube and Blogger to connect with customers more closely, and there will be video materials introducing the JD Epoxy team that will deliver a friendly and trustworthy image to customers.

Presently Daniel minimizes costs by managing the business from his home. He rents grinders, vacuums, and application tools from Gestion Anny-Picard, and Simplex. He purchases supplies on a per-project basis from CTM adhesives. He plans to open a warehouse in the West Island area as his client base increases, in order to keep an inventory of supplies and purchase equipment. As business continues to grow, he will add an office space to the warehouse.

Presently all of the installation work is done by Daniel and Yannick. As contracts increase, they will need to hire additional labor, which will enable them to concentrate on other tasks. The usual installation process takes a couple of days, so having multiple teams will boost the productivity of the business. For the time being Daniel will continue to deal with customers directly by phone and by visiting them in person for estimations. Once financing is ready, JD Epoxy will set up a customer service department to deal with clients. The customer service department will answer the phone, respond to questions and take reservations from customers, as well as attending to the website services. The team will be composed of at least two people in the beginning, so that they can rotate break times, since there should be constant service during business hours. Once website traffic and call volume increases, the customer service team will be expanded to limit wait times.

When a customer calls for a consultation, Daniel visits in person to give a more detailed quote and provide explanations about the service procedures. This is a very important role in this business since customers can change their minds during this step, so it requires someone with professional knowledge and great communication skills to interact with the customer. That is why Daniel prefers to visit customers himself at this point rather than sending an employee. However, JD Epoxy will start to prepare a sales consultation department for the future. There will be intense training for customer visitation and quoting. The sales consultation department will be necessary when appointments increase and will allow a more flexible schedule to customers, since overlapping appointments will be possible once the department is in place. The sales consultation department is very important in the JD Epoxy organization since they will represent the company on the front line and speak on behalf of the company, bringing in actual contracts that lead to profits.

The accounting department will deal with financing, taxes, and payroll. This department should be organized from the beginning, since JD Epoxy is a partnership, and delegating the accounting work to a third party will give a more objective overview of the company’s financial state and preserves a fair relationship between the partners. The accounting department will start with one inside book keeper working in liaison with an external accounting firm, until JD Epoxy can select a CFO.

JD Epoxy will establish a marketing team which will support the sales department by providing target regions and information for sales pitches. This department will work closely with the sales and accounting departments to coordinate the marketing budget and set sales objectives. JD Epoxy will have a general administration department that organizes documents and handles day-to-day office tasks such as routing...
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