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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Survey questions and result

These are the result of the survey that was enacted by us to prove and support our topic.

We asked the students which between public and private infrastructure is greater in number here in the Philippines. Out of 20 respondents, 12 answered that it is public infrastructures and 8 said that private inrastructures are greater in number.

According to our survey , majority of the respondents say that public infrastructures are greater in number than private infrastructures. The result only predicts that economics students of DLSL have a greater view of public infrastructure. Maybe in their evaluation, they can see more public infrastructures and they are more aware of it. We asked the respondents which among the following contributes to growth and development of the economy of the Philippines: A. Highways and Bridges B. Airports and Ports C. Private schools D. Villages and subdivisions Out of 20 respondents, 9 answered letter A, 8 answered letter B, 1 answered letter C and lastly, 2 respondents answered letter D. As the result shows, most of the respondents think and say that highways and bridges contributes, if not the most but prominently, to Philippine economy. Most of the students answered the public infrastructures, maybe because they are public, more citizens were being employed, and the income that were produced are going to our government and to our country. We can see that the there were few students who answered the private infrastructures, maybe because the more of the income were going to private authorities.

We asked the respondents “Who do you think contributes to the development of these infrastructures?”
Four of the respondents answered that the government contributes to the development of these infrastructures. While those who answered that it’s the business sector that contributes are 3 respondents while only 1 asnwered that it is the private sector. Lastly, 12 respondents said that it is that...
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