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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Team “D”
Chapter 2
Case-in-Point: Environmental Problems in Central and Eastern Europe Below is the break down for the Case Study we will choose in Week 2 for our Week 4 and 5 assignments.

a. Week 4 will be an outline
b. Week 5 will be a PowerPoint Presentation

The team agreed to make contact via team meetings, text and/or email on Sunday afternoon. Also agreed to have the parts assigned to each team member for Team “D” Forum no later than Monday.

Romy volunteered to post our Week 2 Team Assignment.
Week 3 Learning Team assignment will be discussed at Week 2 class for further distribution and clarification. I. Locate articles related to case-in-point chosen.
II. Answer questions about authors, intended audience, relevant information, credible source, evidence, reliable information, and biases. III. Create a thesis statement.
IV. Identify supporting details.
V. Develop a conclusion.
Following with the agreed assignments as described below:
* Describe the historical development of the issue in the article. * Identify the stakeholders involved in the issue and explain the nature of their involvement. Romy
* Examine the long-term effects of the issue on the environment CJ
* Describe the perspectives of the major stakeholders - for example, scientific, economic aesthetic, or societal * Analyze how these perspectives have influenced how the issue has been addressed. Christopher

* Identify the environmental theories and ethical positions of each stakeholder * identify how these theories and ethics have influenced how the stakeholder has addressed the issues. Kevin
* Describe the responsibilities that arise from the ethical positions of the stakeholders involved. * Describe how the issue has been or should be resolved.

* Put outline (week 4) and PowerPoint (week 5) together—Romy/All * Introduction--Christopher
* Conclusion--Christopher

Week 3
Learning TeamEthics and...
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