Proj410 Case Study 1 Outline

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Case Study #1 Outline

Case Study 1 is a comprehensive assessment of the procurement and contracting process.  By the end of your analysis you should have touched on all aspects of the contracting process from plan purchases and acquisition stage through the select sellers phase.   

Because you are outsourcing multiple business processes you will have to think through each contracting piece for each business unit.  For example, it may make sense to base your bid selection for the accounting portion off of lowest price but the evaluation criteria you would use on distribution might include price, range of distribution services, responsiveness, and number of bundling options.

A possible outline is listed below:


B. RELEVANT FACTS: In this section, you want to explain what business processes or areas are needed to run the business?  Next discuss which of these processes or areas could be outsourced?  Would it save money and time?  What are the pros and cons to outsourcing that particular process?

This section lends itself nicely to a three column table showing the pros and cons to outsourcing a process. The chart might look as follows:

Bu| * PR * | * |

Finally conclude this section by discussing which of these processes or areas do you plan to outsource?  Why?   Which of these processes or areas do you plan to keep in house?  Why?  *Again, a nice table could prove useful here.*

C. VENDOR CONSIDERATIONS: This is the main section of your paper. This sections summaries how you will interact with your potential vendors. You’ll want to think through the following issues: * Given the business processes you plan to outsource describe the number and types of vendors you will select from.  How do these vendors interact (i.e., can one vendor do all of the processed outsourced?  Will you outsource to a number of different vendors?) * What will you...
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