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Festival is defined as a time of celebration marked by special observances. Every festival tells a message pertaining our customs, traditional values, mythology, culture and historical events. Festival usually brings happiness and glee. Thereby, it strengthens the bond of relationship and friendships. Britain is a land known of its British cultures. It inevitably celebrates a variety of festivals throughout the year. For example, British people celebrate New Year, Valentine’s Day, Easter Day, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. Each festival is celebrated with enthusiasm by British people. Everyone enjoy them especially children and family usually prepares for the festival well in advance.

Questionnaire is a set of questions used for gathering information from individuals. It is well known as the easiest and simplest way in collecting information. That is why this method had been used in this project. Questions been set as the first step of creating a questionnaire. Then, few kinds of questions had beenchosen out of many types of questions. In this project, list more than one, ranking question, yes/no and multiple choices questions had been selected. After that 40 interviewees were interviewed at the street in Sheffield. The questions are mainly about how people in British celebrate festivals.

The first question is a yes/no question where interviewees where asked either they like or dislike festivals. Within 40 interviewees that been interviewed, 95% of them like festival and only 5% of them dislike festival. Interviewees had been asked how many festivals they celebrate in a year in question 2. 19 of the interviewees celebrated 10 or more festivals in a year. There are only 5 of them celebrate 1-2 festivals in a year while the remaining of interviewees celebrate 3-4 festivals.Question 3 is tick more than one question where interviewees were asked to tick festivals that they celebrated in a year. The answer choices...
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