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Research Skills

International students and their experiences

The Hague university of applied sciences
Research skills
Executive summary

We started this research report in order to get a better understanding of how first year international students attending European studies experience their study at the HHS.

In order to get an overview of the students ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ we conducted several different parts of research.

We started of by doing desk research. From this desk research we obtained valuable information that we used in order to answer our sub questions. We then proceeded by doing field research. We chose to use two different types of methods, them being a questionnaire and two interviews.

In the questionnaire we asked the respondents specific questions and gave them multiple choice answers to choose from.

In the interview we asked our respondents (the students) specific questions and gave them the opportunity to elaborate more on the subjects at hand.

In the results we have obtained the answers from the questions asked to our respondents and have made a summarized overview of them.

In the conclusion we elaborate on what the points for improvement are (obtained from the information in the results) and we answer our main research question and the sub questions that come with it.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2
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Field research10
Desk research10


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For the subject research skills where we supposed to do an research exercise. Our research is going about how foreign students experience their European studies at The Hague University. We have chosen this topic because we think that is a very interesting thing we are namely in contact with foreign students every day and even two of us three are foreigners but in another way. They live here for many years and are used to it but how do their companions experience it, and how big is the difference? So our main research question is: How do first years foreign students experience their European studies at The Hague University. I am sure that it will be hard to get an answer to it because the answer will depend by every single person. We have to do some desk research but definitely some more field research. That’s why we have decided to have interviews and make a questionnaire.

We have started with field research in the way of an interview we went to two foreign students and asked that what was necessary to get a clear answer to our main question, after we shared a questionnaire to many students and started to make an overview of the results. We also did some desk research because we think that it will be always necessary to do some. After all we have merged the information and made a conclusion of it.

Main research question:

How do foreign first year students experience their European studies course at the HHS?

Sub Questions:

How big is the cultural difference?

How is the communication between the teachers and the students?

Was studying at the HHS the students first choice?

What does the HHS have to offer that the other institutes don’t?

Are the students offered enough guidance by the University?

Are the students offered enough guidance by the university?

Does the course match their expectations?

What would the student(s) like to see get improved?

How do the students experience the overall workload of the course ?


Field/desk Research :

We have used for our research skills mixed methods. We worked most off al with field Research to get the best result,...
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