Word Formation Exercises

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Lord Byron, champion of Greek (O) independence, could hardly DEPEND have imagined it. Today, years after his (56) ….. , 2 mil- DIE lion of his compatriots, although less (57) ….. , make HERO the annual (58) ….. to Greece for the ‘Britain and Greece PILGRIM Festival’.

The (59) ….. Ambassador speaks of the festival as a BRITAIN (60) ….. of the strong links between the two countries, CELEBRATE but also as ‘an (61) ….. to those who wish to create INSPIRE new links,’ a (62) ….. that 2004 and the Athens Olym- REMIND pies are not too far away. Everything about the festival highlights the theme of (63) ….. . The commercial exhibition ‘Part- PARTNER ners in Trade’ will focus on (64)…… goods and ser- INDUSTRY vices, design, travel and software (65) ….. including DEVELOP opportunities for ‘Olympics 2004′.

56 death
57 heroically
58 pilgrimage
59 British
60 celebration
61 inspiration
62 reminder
63 partnership
64 industrial
65 development(s)
The weather made their progress (0) ..impossible.. As it POSSIBLE had been raining (56) … all night they had to HEAVY
be very (57) … as they walked through the CARE
thick jungle. Their good (58) … would help JUDGE
them overcome the (59) … and get back to SET
civilisation with only minor injuries.
Although things were (60) … they had to be BEARABLE
(61) … because it was the only way they could OPTIMIST help each other through this difficult situation.
Their (62) … , chosen for his knowledge, would help LEAD them in every way. The (63) … of this training IMPORTANT was to (64) … them for the special task ahead HARD
of them. However, they had never imagined how (65) … DANGER it would turn out to be.

Can you imagine what it’s like to be swimming underneath
(0) ….. coloured coral and swerve to avoid a BRIGHT
tropical jellyfish? Or (56) …… find yourself hurtling SUDDEN towards an atom’s nucleus? The cost? (57) . ….. APPROXIMATE 75 minutes of time plus the purchase price of a movie ticket. (58) ….. will only carry you so far. But as more than IMAGINE 500 million (59) ….. will attest, the experience of a VIEW big screen with 3-D imagery is wonderful. That’s the story of IMAX. ‘It’s the closest thing to passive virtual (60) ….. REAL It combines information with (61) ….. IMAX mov- ENTERTAIN ies are very realistic. This cinematic technique marks the real (62) … ..between what we once knew and what’s DIFFER

developing now. IMAX is a (63) ….. newcomer to RELATE
the scene. The formula has been working well, (64) …… SPECIAL in the Asia Pacific region, where most of IMAX’s (65) ….. GROW has occurred. There are 144 IMAX theatres operating in 21 countries worldwide.

Beaumont, Georgia’s newest city, is a (0) ..planned.. city. PLAN It is a (56) … place all year round because of the great LOVE (57) … of flowers and trees which grow in the city centre. VARY No one can be (58) … with such natural surroundings. SATISFY The (59) …… growing population includes not only the QUICK many (60) …… who work there for an international computer FOREIGN company, but also local officials. The (61) … conditions are LIVE excellent and all types of (62) … and sport are available. ENTERTAIN There are many (63) … buildings to visit nearby and the HISTORY wooded countryside which is (64) … and particularly PEACE beautiful in spring offers hours of cycling and walking.

A (65) … will come back again and again to sample the SIGHT pleasures Beaumont has to offer.

Just a few years ago, most of us wouldn’t consider taking echinacea or another herb to cure a cold or an (0)….. Today INFECT many of us swear by the (56) …… properties of these HEAL herbs.
(57)….. studies prove that such natural remedies are SCIENCE entering the mainstream of medicine. A...
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