English Composition Unit 1 Ip

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The social network area helps stay connected with family, friends, and loved ones. Also it is a money making machine and can be very dangerous at times. “Don’t let fear be the defeat from using cyber space, but instead let it be your drive of knowing that helps with being cautious while there”. (Nodine, Alexander 2012) “Twitter” is a network which allows a person to express their opinion on many subjects or just post a status message at any given point of time. Facebook and Myspace are the same to Twitter but these two networking sites allow you to leave a private message to a friend or family and it is easier to post pictures to your account. Social networking doesn't just bring us to a computer or into the cyber regions of technology, but it also connects people in ways that other media networks cannot provide. Facebook has opened its doors to video chat which is a giant step for this social networking site. A profile page is created and you can post any information about yourself on this page so others can view it when then look up your profile. You are able to leave private emails to be responded to at a later point in time. Facebook also intrigues the persons mind with the games they have on the site. You can play games and chat at the same time. Facebook is probably the most used network in the world allowing people to chat in private. Myspace provides the feature where you can use any picture that you have taken or downloaded and set it as your background. Your font can be modified as well with different colors. The games on myspace are similar to the ones of facebook. You and your friends...
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