Ferrari Car Production

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Ferrari GT Cars Production Method
There is no one production method for the Ferrari cars. That is because some essential parts of the Ferrari are standardized and the same for that particular model, but, the others like the wheels chassis type of leather for seats etc. Is different for each Ferrari and is produced on consumer's choice. So, I would say that the production method for the Ferrari cars is half 'Batch Production' and half 'Job Production'. Process

The production begins with first the customer choosing a car and his/her specifications with that particular model. Simultaneously, the parts that are standardized for each models like the metal body of the car, continue in production and are neatly stored for future use. When the order for the customer arrives to the production area, the workers begin the production. First, the metal body of the chosen model is taken out and the specifications of the customers are added to it. Then, the metal body is left to the machines with no human workers anywhere near. This is where the body is painted and the necessary drilling and attachments to the body is made. After that, the body goes through 30 work stations where different intricate body parts, interior(dashboard, steering wheel, gear, seats, engine) and exterior(chassis, wheels, lights) are attached manually. Each workstation is given a specific task and provided with 1-2 hours for its completion. For example, the engine is built by one technician from start to end, then, delivered to the workstation where it is inspected and then attached to the car. In this manner a Ferrari car is built from scratch.

The workers still feel that they are part of the company and are not being totally replaced by the machines. This increases the workers output and the business benefits from this by earning better efficiency.

The customers get a more specialized and personal service from the business, ending in an extremely personalized car. This could potentially give...
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