Aston Martin V.S. Maserati

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Comparing and Contrasting Super Cars
Angela McDowell
ENG 121
Bernadette Anayah
February 13, 2011

Comparing and Contrasting Super Cars
Everyone have dream of a car they want in their drive way. It's purely hypothetical and likely we'll never need to make the difficult choice, but given that you can't walk down Cheapside in a popular city these days without spotting either a Maserati GranTurismo or an Aston Martin DB9, it's not a completely irrelevant question to pose. Let's agree that both are good cars. They’ll get you to point A to point B, and they’ll both do it stylishly and quickly. But they are very different in almost every way.

What can you really say about these super cars? The GranTurismo convertible and the Aston Martin DB9 Volante are the automotive comparable of supermodels. They bring to mind ecstatic emotions when looking at them and seem like they belong in an art gallery. The GranTurismo convertible comes powered by a 4.7L V8, while the DB9 Volante gets a 6.0L V12. They are more than just eye candy.

The GrandTurismo and DB9 have two different design paths. The GrandTurismo is seductive however menacing while the DB9 is refined and prestigious. The GrandTurismo have the right amount of curves and lines, somewhere connected to a Ferri and an Aston Martin. The sculpted fenders and hood are stunning as the sharp headlights give off an unapproachable stare.

Aston Martin convertible models appear to have the perfect sports car scope with one of the most elegant designs ever. It’s not as appealing as the GranTurismo but it give the impression of being more sophisticated. Whereas the Maserati makes you turn your head as it passes, the Aston Martin makes you can’t keep your hands of it. The Maserati interior is larger than the Aston Martin.

Maserati and Aston Martin keep their interiors relatively simple which allows for beautiful and elegant designs. The GrandTurismo base cost will start from 150,000 while the Aston Martin base cost...
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