Features of an Organization

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Features of an organization

Aggregation of Human beings: Organization is an identifiable aggregation of human beings. The identification is possible because human group is not merely a number of persons collected at London, but it is a group of persons who are interrelated. The identifiable group of human beings determines the boundary of the organization. Such boundary separates the elements belonging to the organization from other elements in its environment. Deliberate and conscious Creation: Organization is a deliberating & consciously related human group. It implies that relationship between organization and its members in contractual. They enter in the organization through the contract and can be replaced also that is unsatisfactory persons can be removed and others assigned their task. Deliberate and conscious creation of human groups differentiates between casual & focused gathering having transitory relationships like social units. Thus companies, hospitals etc… are included in the category of organization. While tribes, families, friendship groups, etc.., are excluded. Purposive Creation: The organization is a purposive creation that is all organization has some objectives or set of objectives. The objectives are mutually agreed up on by members of the group. An organizational objective is a desired state realize. Organizations are thus intervening elements between needs & their satisfaction. The success or failure of an organization is measured in terms of achievement of its objectives. Co Ordination of Activities: In the Organization, there is a co ordination of closely relevant activities of the members. The co ordination is necessary because all the members contribute to commonly agreed goals. Structure: The coordination of human activities requires a structure where in various individuals are fitted. The structures provide for power centers which co ordinates & control concerted efforts of the organization & direct them towards its goals. It is...
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