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Chapter 1

Nowadays looking for employment became easy. We need not to fall in a long line just to wait for our term without assurance that we will be hired. We can even surf in the internet to find job. Walk-ins nowadays are obsolite way of finding job. But still, why there are lots of people who can’t find job? Based on the survey conducted last April 2010 our country has 8.0 rating of unemployment. We even belong in Top 20 Most Populous Country in the world. Growing population needs employment.
Here in the Philippines existing job agencies are focused on people with college degree. That is why lots of people are becoming bystanders. To the mere fact that lots of parents cannot afford to send their children in school in continuance to their tertiary. From here, they are choosing to go outside the country for their belief that it will save them in poverty. We made this agency to extent help to undergraduate people.

We want our agency to be remembered easily that’s why we name it FERA because our agency focus to us Filipino. Our main goal is to pamper them by means of helping. Our agency for now, focused on people in Metro Manila who are job less. We will be recruiting eligible applicants and refer to the company who are urgently needing employees. Our main objective is to match employers to employee.
“ Job is in your way”.

Name of the Firm
FERA ( Filipino Employment Recruitment Agency)

In putting the name of the firm is one of the marketing strategy to become well known and also to recognize as well as by the customers. Our agency programs are designed to bring a pool of talent to organization and select the most qualified for the job. Our applicants have varying degree of intelligence, aptitudes and our abilities. Our agency will always keep the applicants informed about the status of their application. We also ensure that the available position will be suited to their levels of education, experience and skills. We improve the quality and quantity of productivity and it will lead to increase in an individual skills in different areas of expertise. FERA (Filipino Employment Recruitment Agency) are helping the jobless people to obtain and acquired the job that will be suited to the skills and knowledge in order to minimize the problems of it.

Objectives of the Study

FERA (Filipino Employment Recruitment Agency) will serve our business guide in order to come up a successful and competent business in the near future. To be able to support the organization, the ability to acquire, retain and develop the best aptitude and skills. * To attract and encourage more candidates to apply in our business. * To achieve equal treatment and opportunity.

* To provide supreme quality manpower recruitment services and satisfactory support our clients. * To provide consistent, long term outcomes.
* To recruit and screen candidates for employment and deploy them to their different locations. * To help jobless people to find their job that will fit them best.


-PERA Sign

Importance of the Study
Recruiting agencies play an important role when local governments need to fill high-level positions such as city managers and executive directors. By out sourcing the hiring to a qualified firm, the city avoids any possible conflict of interest. In such instances, the selection of the recruitment firms is of such importance that the recruiter approved by a city council or other government body.

Recruiting agencies are also important when a firm may have hundreds of openings at once, such...
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