Feasibility Study

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Feasibility Study

Summary of the Project

1.1 Name of the Firm

The proponents decided to put up a business firm in the form of partnership which will be legally known as “SBG COMPANY” that will venture the clothing industry. “SBG” stands for the initials of the proponents namely, Sheena, Bernard and Gaea.

The name of the product will be called as “VALREOSI” shirt. The name stands for the proponent’s surnames Valentin, Recirdo and Osilao.

1.2 Location

The proponents chose Manila as its location, specifically in Ermita. The workers, condominium and hotel residents, especially the colleges and universities around that area will serve as the main target market of the group.

1.3 Brief Description of the Project

The VALREOSI is a shirt with a handmade design which can be a letterings or drawings using different colors of fabric pastel. It is also made of pure cotton and offer free sizes so that the consumers can comfortably wear it with confidence.

The project proposal is about making an artist customized shirt using a fabric pastel instead of an ordinary printed design. The proponents would like to provide a unique type of shirt which is affordable and can also enhance the creativity of the Filipinos in all ages.

1.4 Project Summary

1.4.1 Market Feasibility

The market feasibility includes the determination of the market share by using the demand and supply analysis, the target market wherein determine the sector that can fit the researchers product, the place of distribution on the place where the product is available, the projected sales and the promotional activities of the company.

1.4.2 Technical Feasibility

The technical feasibility contains the description of the product or the unique character of the product, how the product being processed, the machinery and equipment needed in in the process and the materials needed in producing the product.

1.4.3 Management Feasibility

The management feasibility indicated the duties and responsibilities of the management team in the company, their names and organizational structure. It is also have the ownership of the partners and their percentage in the company.

1.4.4 Financial Feasibility

The financial feasibility contains needs requirements for capitalization, the statements of performances, position and cash flow of the company. It also helps the company to determine whether the company is having the profit and meeting up their goals and objectives.

1.4.5 Socio Economic Impact

In entering into the industry, the company helps the economy by providing jobs to the other sector of the industry known as the household sector and improving the quality of life of their community because of their taxes and increasing the competitiveness in the company

Background of the Study

2.1 Brief Background of the Study

Shirt is a cloth garment for the upper body. It is called as a T-shirt because of its style which is pulled on over the head. The different styles and designs of shirts brought by the fashion and trends lead to the proponent’s decision to come up with this study.

In addition, Fabric Pastel is a soft delicate hue used as a drawing material which is made of ground pigments and a water-based binder that is manufactured in crayon form. The SBG which means Sheena, Bernard and Gaea Company, aims to promote a new type of customized artist shirt.

In Philippines, the proponent’s did not see the availability of the product made of fabric pastel that is why they decided to come up with this plan. Unlike any other shirt which has printed designs, VALREOSI has its own uniqueness in the market and offers a reasonable price.

At the same time, they help people create their own art design in their shirt in a short period of time. They can go to VALREOSI store and made their own design using fabric pastel. It is a matter of thinking about new ideas and categories of art that they...
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