Business Contemporary Chapter 4

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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4.1 Organisational chart

Managing Director
( Andrea Anthony )

Sales Executive
( Nur Amirah Masrih )
( Rafedah Hassan )
Account Executive
( Andrea Anthony )
( Nur Azlin Razal )
Financial Administration
( Hasmie Abdul Rahman )
( Nur Amirah Masrih )
( Nur Azlin Razal )

4.2 Human Resources Planning ( list of employees and position )

Position | Number of Staff|
Managing Director| 1|
Account Executive| 1|
Management| 1|
Sales Executive| 1|
Marketing | 1|
Production | 1|
Financial Administration| 1|
Sales | 1|

4.3 Duties and Responsibilities

Positon| Job description|
Managing Director | Responsible for leading and managing the senior management team in developing a strategic plan which cover an appropriate forward time horizon, and an annual business plan, including an annual operating and capital budget.| Account Executive| To recruit clients for classes, seminars, technical support and any additional services for the growth and advancement of the company.| Management| A function of organization and channeling the people together to accomplish desired goals. Also referred to the body or group of persons who perform the various functions of management.| Sales Executive| Get promoted into their positions because of their previous performances as salespersons. Outstanding sales persons have in inside track when sales executives jobs are being filled. The sales executives job demands administrative skills much beyond those required of salespeople.| Marketing | A role that helps a company to identify and source potentially successful products for the marketplace and then promote them by differentiating them from similar products. Typical marketing function types within a larger business might include performing market research, producing a marketing plan, and product development, as well as strategically...
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