Feasibility Report of Women Boutique

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Business Plan for Fashion Boutique


Fashionista is an upscale women's clothing boutique that will open in October this year. Fashionista's clothing selections and exclusive personal style services include a detailed Style Assessment, which will ensure that our customers are well dressed. It is a woman-owned business, currently organized as a Sole Proprietorship. Clothing for stylish women

It will carry Ready-to-Wear (RTW) designer and casual/contemporary apparel & accessories for women, and will be the exclusive U.S. home of the German line, Herr Frau. Mission
• To provide women with a boutique that offers a comfortable and approachable environment • To showcase quality, well-constructed fashions from prominent and cutting-edge designers • To offer a variety of beautiful and high-end fashion accessories • To help women learn what clothing and styles go best with their unique personalities • To generate buzz and sales through top-notch exclusive services Keys to Success

1. Having a good location in a high-shopping area
2. Quality product and good relationships with vendors
3. Outstanding customer service


• To turn inventory five times and to maintain profit margins at 15-20% through close attention to expenses and cost of goods sold • To drive awareness and build sales through mentions in both local print and the nation's top fashion magazines


Fashionista is an upscale women's clothing boutique that intends to open at Prahladnagar in Ahmedabad in October. It carries beautiful designer labels for professional women, such as the sophisticated silhouettes of Herr Frau and luxurious handbags. Start-up Summary

This business plan will be used for three purposes:
• To map out all the necessary components to create a successful and well-run boutique • To provide management with a blueprint to follow
• To secure financing through private institutions and investors 3.0 PRODUCTS & SERVICES
Fashionista will carry Ready-to-Wear (RTW) designer diffusion lines and casual/contemporary apparel & accessories for women. It will also carry designer fashion accessories and various branded items. Apparel Lines

• Allen solley
• Van heusen
• Arrow
• Louis Philippe
• Wills lifestyle
• Park avenue
• Annabelle


• Local designer jewelry
• Handbags
• Belts, Scarves, Gloves, Hats


There are various economic forces that affect apparel retailers. Consumer confidence is the most important; people don't shop when they are not feeling good. Unemployment also has an effect, in that fewer women out in the workforce means less disposable income for high-end quality clothing. Thus, the large discounters are now working with top designers to bring designer apparel to the masses. Although they can't compete on quality, their continued development of the trend could have a direct impact on retailers who sell designer clothing during tough economic times. Market Segmentation

Market Needs

If you were to overhear women talking in a dressing room, you would more than likely hear them comment on something they've tried on and question how they should wear it or what it will go with in their closet. Research has shown that women are stressed, have little time to shop, and would generally like help in determining the right clothes and styles to wear. Women between the ages of 25-54 are spending more money in apparel each year, there are sure to be some mistakes made in clothing choices. Television shows clearly speak to a woman's confusion about what looks best on her. Even women who can afford a professional stylist feel helpless and often jokingly request that their stylist come to their home every morning to help them get dressed. Research indicates that women approach retail shopping uniquely by evaluating purchases based on product and company information derived from both...
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