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Product display contests:
Package is an integral part of the product. Its main purpose is to protect the product during transit,to preserve the quality and to avoid any loss in quality and quantity. The main purpose of thiscontest is to remind the customer to buy the product as soon as he enters the shop. Another objective is to influence the dealer to stock the product and support the company in increasing thesales. The display contest has to be announced well in advance and promotional materials to bedistributed to all the selected dealers in a geographical area. Prizes for best displays areannounced to motivate the dealers; the contest lasts for about a month. A well-planned productdisplay contest not only increases the involvement of dealers in the company’s products but alsoincreases the sales during the contest period. This is used for promoting consumer goods such asshampoos, soaps and toothpaste. 

Field demonstration:
This is based on the extension principle “seeing is believing” and is one of the most effectivemethods to show the superiority of the company’s products to the customers. A progressivefarmer who is an opinion leader is selected and the demonstration is conducted in his field in the presence of a group of farmers in the village. The farmers observe the results in the field and thelocal dealer calls on them in their farms and persuades them to buy the particular brand of  pesticide or fertilizer. Examples: a) by applying shampoo on school boy a and showing the ruralmarkets. 

Life-style marketing:
Each rural market segment has certain special features i.e. they share common life-style traits.They include village sports, religious events, prominent personalities and role models. Examples:Texduring summer festivals in villages and Consumer goods saffron sponsoring Kabaddi. Choosing media vehicles

The choice of different media vehicles for any market is based on an analysis of the standardfeatures...
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