Topics: Milk, Ultra-high-temperature processing, Marketing Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Jennika contreras – jadelyn matibag – shara jane mallari bsba – 2b

What exactly happens when we find ourselves in front of an aisle with tens of hundreds of products just staring back at us? We start to compare, remember and associate. Bear in mind that the brain is prone to classifying everything around us - it’s the only way we can organize everything we see, hear, feel or know. Repackaging… this is the task that we should be doing for the semi-final exam. Wherein we will change the package of a product, but not exactly the product. We all know that people consume things in different ways. By offering alternative options you can cater to a wider audience and yet your product can be much more targeted. Focusing on packaging is very important marketing strategy to glamorize your product in order to attract the consumer’s attention. We somehow realized that packaging is so important that it cost more than the product itself in order to lure the consumers to buy it. Most consumers, like the three of us, judge a product by its packaging before buying. So it is logical to say attractive packaging is crucial in order to get the first time buyers to buy your products.This given project taught us lessons that are related, of course, to our subject, Marketing. It taught us how to explore different ideas on how we will repackage the product that we had chosen. We experienced different difficulties on how we will repackage the product because this is the first time that we will do repackaging. The three of us hardly think ways on how we will start to repackage the product.

We started it doing in the past first week of February, we went to SM Supermarket to look for the different packages of our product, which is Bear Brand Sterilized Milk, then we have seen that Bear Brand Milk has already in can and tetra pak so we decided to put it in a mini bottle that everyone can enjoy. We chose to repackage product in a bottle because it is more convenient for the...
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