Itc Targeting Strategy

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4. Key targeting strategies of ITC
ITC has different targeting strategies for each of its brands. They are as based on six mantras they are as follows:
a) Segmentation: Creating brands from scratch with no history and lineage, ITC used clear segmentation across its five product lines and the target audience, each brand was meant for.
b) Group synergy: Once the five products were created and communication strategies set, ITC leveraged its properties like hotels, foods and apparel store network to retail these brands
c) Communication strategy: Like HUL, these brands sport Western names, and different communication. Essenza & Fiama, meant for the elite, have English communication, while Vivel & Superia use Hindi.

d) Brand extensions: Selective extensions as it don’t want to confuse consumers with too many irrelevant brand extension & sub­brands. The Essenza range is the only exception. e) Brand ambassadors: ITC uses brand ambassadors strategically. While for the Fiama and Vivel ranges it has roped in brand ambassadors, for the Superia & Essenza ranges the key target group is the real king.

f) Packing: Since packaging plays a key role in product differentiation, ITC uses it to the hilt. It has taken foreign experts’ help to make its products stand out from competition. For individual brand the key strategies of ITC are as follows: a) Strategy for Essenza di Wills

• Segmentation: Essenza, as the Western name suggests, targets the luxury seeking elite
• Group synergy: Basically being distributed through ITC hotels and Wills Lifestyle stores
• Communication strategy: Gender­neutral, mostly in English, and a bit of French— the language of the super elite
• Brand extensions: Instead of brand extensions, it has sub­brands like Inizio, Aqua and Mikkle
• Brand ambassadors: No brand ambassadors; the target group do the role as they are very individualistic and are super achievers.
• Packing: Manufactured in France, the...
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