Topics: Mathematics, Universe, Memory Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Name: Akai A. Anderson
Date: March 4, 2013 Hour: 7th

I love math,why because you don’t have to memorize a lot. Also your brain is working. Unlike other subjects you have to memorize or understand just to pass the exam. Maths is my favourite subject because maths is fun and challenges our brain. But the main reason is that it is used in many fields nowdays and it is very difficult to get a good job without knowing maths. It's quite interesting and is entirely different from other subjects. Actually maths is the base for some subjects. Without mathematics, calculations are impossible. I love maths and I would love it forever. I've dreams to become a mathematician. Just think math is easy and you'll find it easy. That's a simple theory kind of thing in math. math is amazing for so many reasons..lol first of all..it does require memorization, but youre not just memorizing facts. and there is often another way to figure a problem out if you forget a formula or something. youre not just memorizing things, like i said, but instead more like plugging them in. like, for example, while it is helpful to memorize the multiplication tables, you dont absolutely have to as long as you know how to multiply. like in social studies or something like that, you have to remember specific facts. if you forget them, youre basically screwed..but math isnt really like that. and it always makes sense. theres always a way to check your answer and make sure you did it right, not so in other subjects. also, i love logic and i like to be able to understand things..and like i said, it makes sense..you can always figure out why something is the way it is..they dont just say "thats just the way it is"...another reason i like math is because youre gonna use it at some point in your...
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