Factors That Influence an Employee to Stay with an Organization

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Factors that influence an employee to stay with an organization

Support Values
Organization is encouraged to share their values with their employees. This is important because shared values can help to keep staff motivated and loyal. Normally people will feel comfortable in an environment that matches their attitudes and values. So by sharing company’s value, it helps to influence an employee to stay longer with the organization.

Seeing the big picture
A clear organization’s goal, direction or mission must be made clear and effectively delivered to all the employees. This is a very important factor in retaining talent employee. By doing this, employees can see the direction connection between their work and the organization’s mission. This can help them to achieve satisfaction on their job. If employee cannot see what value they are adding through their work and cannot achieve satisfaction in their job, they are likely to feel unwanted and will be more inclined to look for another job.

Support employee needs
In order to retain talent, company or organization should also be able to support their employees’ needs. Company should always do an exercise in Needs Analysis for the employee to discover what they really want. For example, job satisfaction, challenge, oversea exposure and etc. If the company is able to fulfill the employee’s needs, he will more likely to stay in the organization for a longer period.

Company should also provide training to both new employees and existing employees to increase their loyalty towards the company so that they will stay longer with the organization. Company can implement a well-executed orientation program and job specific training for the new employee so that they can assimilate and feel comfortable with the organization. Employers should also recognize the need to continuously refine and upgrade the skills of the existing employees. Employees are consistently given chances to keep improving themselves...
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