Objectives of an Organization

Topics: Management, Motivation, Success Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Omar Hassan
Principles of Management
Professor Joe MArkert
October 10, 2012
In the article “Objectives of an Organization” one can learn that a business or organization’s vision and mission plays a very important role in maintaining a consistently successful business. Workers of an organization and just people in general tend to lose track towards the path to success without a vision providing strategies for the future of a company. An organization that lacks this ingredient is likely to fail in achieving its goal. Therefore, It is very essential that the leader of an organization sets a well defined and reachable goal for which an organization could work towards achieving. With this being said, I feel that CEO’s/leaders truly have a very vital role in terms of setting the vision and mission for the organization ultimately building it into a stronger one.

It doesn't just take any highly ranked manager to convey the vision/mission to the employees, but one that is cautious, aware, and very well understands the job enough to be able to clearly communicate to the employees so that they can appropriately work their part seriously. This technique can also help managers to guide worker’s behaviors. Relatively, I believe that setting such motivational and propelling guidance such as vision and mission to influence employees behaviors is crucial when trying to maintain a positive working atmosphere because it will drive workers into providing outstanding results.

Thus, it will literally bring out the uniqueness of a company that is mentioned in this article and push even further the underlying force that will further drive the organization to stand out. I believe that the minute a worker hesitates to do his/her job the organization fails. A worker who hesitates to do his/her job is costing the company time, unachieved work and is likely to discourage other workers from doing their jobs as well. Hence, one of the greatest reasons that I believe instilling...
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