Bus475 Week 2 Team

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Team A will analyze the individual and organizational values of Home Depot and evaluate the plans and actions currently in place. The purpose of this analysis is to provide a clear understanding of personal and professional values of the workplace. We will discuss the degree of alignment between the organizational values, plans, and actions. After we gather this information, we will provide an explanation of the differences between our values and that of Home Depot. Home Depot is more than just the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer. The company believes in eight core values and expects employees to honor them when they join the team. Personal values are the drivers behind how people behave and relate to others. These core values are the building blocks to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Organizational values affect the way employees interact with each other, customers, and stakeholders. By combining personal and organizational beliefs, the company, and their employees will be the best that they can be. People are responsible for their own actions and should be able to make good choices both personally and professionally. Essentially, these two value systems are closely related in terms of expectations. We expect people to automatically treat others kindly, be respectful and do the right thing. The differences that we encounter come from how people are raised and experiences they have throughout their lives. Personal values determine whether or not the core values of an organization can be met by an employee. With regard to Home Depot, Team A has identified that the eight core values are in alignment with our personal values.
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