Factors Necessary for Appropriate Service Standard

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  • Published : July 20, 2011
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Factors Necessary for Appropriate Service Standard:-
Standardization of Service behaviors and actions –
Formal service target and goals
Customer – not company – defined standard

Types of customer defined service standar:-
Hard Customer – Defined Standard , Soft customer-Defined Standard

Physical evidence – Environment in which the service is ofference, enivroment in which the cust and company meets Service scape – Physical facility involved in physical evidence.. eg.g Facility Exterior – Exterior Design, landscape, Facility Interior – Interior Design, Equipment, Air quality.

Types of Sericescape Usage
Self-service environment: customer performs most of the activities and few if any employees are involved. Interpersonal services: both customer and employee must be present in the servicescape. Remote service: employee only; little or no customer involvement with the servicescape. Complexity of Servicescapes

Lean environment: simple; few elements, spaces, and pieces of equipment Coinstar is a self-service coin-counter found in many supermarkets. You pour your coins in, and the machine counts the coins and gives you bills for an 8.9% fee. Elaborate environment: complicates servicescape; many elements and forms: golf course, restaurant, insurance company Roles of the Servicescape

Package: convey an external image of what is inside
Facilitator: aids the performance of customers and employees; can facilitate or inhibit Ex: ENTRANCE and EXIT signs Socializer: helps convey expected roles, behaviors, and relationships of customers and employees; where you can/cannot be; how should you act? Differentiator: differentiate firm from competitors and communicate intended market segment

Development of Physical evidence strategy:-
Recognize the strategic impact of physical evidence
Map the physical evidence of service
Clarify roles of the servicescape
Assess and identify physical evidence opportunities
Be prepared to update and modernize the evidence...
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