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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Technology-related trends impacting online consumer behavior (Chapter 7)

35% of online Americans connect to the Internet with a broadband connection. Broadband has increased by 20% in the past 2 years. The U.S. is only the 10th largest broadband market.
Broadband users exhibit different online behavior than those using mobile handheld devices or dial up. Q2. social/cultural environment for e-marketers ( Chapter 7) Reputation: brand image and reputation are based on market perception. Relevance: consumers don’t hate all advertising. They just don’t like being interrupted with irrelevant communication. Engagement: the key to drawing internet users is to provide relevant content or entertainment. Information overload: too much information overwhelms consumers. Multitasking: multitasking speeds up normal processes and lowers attention to each task. Home and work: the boundaries between home and work are dissolving. Convenience( I want what I want when I want it): anywhere, anytime convenience is critical for busy people. Online oxygen: an increasing number of consumers cannot do without their internet access---they crave it. Connectivity: being connected means everything in this social media world. “In the know” people in the know have access to information that others don’t. Self-service: consumers want to help themselves when they feel like it and be pampered by firms at other times. Privacy and data security: customers want marketers to keep their data confidential. They also want to safeguard children from web sites they find objectionable. Consumers want marketers to ask permission before sending commercial e-mail messages.

Q5. consumer online exchange outcomes (Chapter 7)
Connect: unlike any other medium, the internet allows consumers to interact with individuals and organizations using multimedia in two-way communication. Create: this need to connect was one springboard for the Web’s social networking sites, where users can create profiles, upload...
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