Describe the Tasks That Support the Functional Areas in an Organisation

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Businesses have many functional areas, these are important in ensuring the business runs efficiently. Here I have described 4 functional areas that most large businesses and organizations should have. 1.Human Resource Management (HR). This is the management of a business’s workforce or people. It is responsible for several things including the selection, training and assessment of employees, making sure that employment and labour laws are complied with and ensuring the leadership of the company overseen properly. In smaller companies the HR department may just be a few trained staff, but in larger organizations there will be a whole department focussed on HR. 2.Customer services is the provision of services to customers both before during and after the sale, it is designed to improve customer satisfaction and to ensure the product has met the expectations of the customers. A bad experience of customer service can change the customers opinion of the whole organization therefore it’s important that employees must be able to ensure the customer leaves having got what they wanted and are happy. 3.The finance functional area is crucial in any organization as if the money is not managed properly then the company will not be successful. This department would be responsible for the accounting side of the business, so managing money going in and out of the business. They are also involved with investing money into new facilities and machinery and also paying the shareholder dividends and employees wages. 4.The marketing function focusses on getting the message out to the customers, for example the value of a product or service. It includes market research, publicity, distribution and most importantly advertising and sales promotion. It’s about communication to the customers and figuring out exactly what they want, then promoting it in a way that will show them how good it is for them. In Tesco’s, with is being such a large business it is crucial that all the...
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